Aldous Huxley believed that our brains have been trained during the evolutionary millennia to screen out all those perceptions that do not directly aid us in our day to day struggle for existence. We have gained security and survival, but in the process have sacrificed our sense of wonder. Little White Ear is attempting to bring that wonder back, creating images using analogue cameras to capture the world around her. These images however are a view of the world that still retain a sense of mystery and awe.

Images of the natural and urban environment but altered beyond recognition by stacking negatives together and the inherent limitations of old medium format and 35mm film equipment producing unexpected but welcome light bleeding and strange but wonderful colour discrepancies. Little White Ear not only takes unusual images as a starting point, she also encourages the unexpected by deliberately using tinted rolls of film and shoots through filters or sunglasses. Multiple exposures, anything to be able to paint within the camera, to get a variety of atmospheric visuals before it reaches last stage of play.

Images are then digitally manipulated further in the same way as an abstract painter , resulting in images that are impossible to define but yet one which the viewer can identify with on more of a subconscious level.

“The function of the imagination is not to make strange things settled, so much as to make settled things strange.” – G.K. Chesterton

Anna has trained in the Arts from an early age of 15. Completing Fine Art collage in Poland with ceramist degree. Studied Photography and Animation in Academy of Fine arts in Maastricht Netherlands, Studied Screen Print in LCC London, finalising her degree in Film, Design and Production in Kingston University, London UK. 

Her Print “Are you gonna go my way” was showcased and sold in Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition in 2014 . Another of her abstract images graces a debit album cover of Thom Sonny Green “High Anxiety” which is a worldwide success.

Contact me here below
Contact me here below